Joconde sponge
coffee butter cream
chocolate ganache

Joconde Sponge Recipe:

6 pieces whole eggs
150 g almond flour
150 g icing sugar
45 g flour
40 g butter
5 pieces of eggs white


step 1: put whole eggs, almond flour, and icing sugar in the drummer’s bowl.
Step 2: Beat with the mixer until you obtain a very foamy mixture that must double in volume, stop the mixer and set aside.
Step 3: Simultaneously pour the egg whites into a second bowl and whisk with a pinch of fine salt to obtain firm white onions
Step 4: Sift the flour on the first mixture, and gently mix with a spatula to incorporate the flour.
Step 5: Add the clarified butter and gently incorporate it.
Step 6: Pour the resulting mixture onto the egg whites. Mix gently without dropping the mixture.
step 7: spread with a metal spatula bent on a baking sheet of uniform thickness to obtain regular baking.
Step 8: Bake in a hot oven at 180 ° C until the cookie is completely cooked for 12 minutes.

Chocolate ganache Recipe:

250 g dark chocolate
150 g cream
70 g butter


step 1: In a saucepan, bring the cream until the boil is boiling, remove the pan from the heat and add the dark chocolate
step 2: Mix thoroughly with a whisk until a homogeneous apparatus is obtained.
step 3: Add the butter previously cut into pieces.
step 4: Pour the ganache into a container. She is ready to use. For some uses, it must be allowed to harden before working.

Coffee Butter Cream:

8 pieces of eggs yolk
250 g sugar
250 g soft butter
Coffee aroma


step 1: Pour the caster sugar into a stainless steel saucepan.
Add the water. The amount of water is the amount needed to moisten the sugar. There is no need to put too much.
Step 2: Bring to a boil and cook until 121 ° C. The use of a removable probe thermometer is useful but not essential. (To control the cooking of the sugar it is enough to dip the teeth of a fork in the boiling sugar, if in withdrawing it begins to form threads, it is that the sugar is ready).
step 3: Put the yolks in the bowl of the mixer.
As soon as the sugar is cooked, slowly pour it slowly on the egg yolks by pouring it on the inner wall of the bowl.
Step 4: Make sure the egg yolks are at room temperature. As soon as the sugar is fully incorporated into the egg yolks, beat until completely cooled at high speed.
step 5: Once the preparation has cooled, gradually add the ointment butter to the plots.
Continue to beat well to obtain a smooth and homogeneous cream. The cream can at this time be flavored with coffee and mix well with an electric mixer until a homogeneous preparation.

Chocolate Glace:

200 g dark chocolate
30 g oil


Melt the chocolate in a microwave . When it is well melted and add the oil
use this glaze tied at a temperature of 35c.

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