Lemon-Tart Mango Sorbet

Sweet dough recipe :

300 g flour
170 g butter
30 g egg yolk


Step 1: Arrange flour in a fountain on the work surface. Add the softened butter cut in pieces and the salt.
Step 2: Sandblast with your fingertips.
Arrange again in a fountain and add the egg yolk.
Step 3: Begin to knead the center of the fountain with the fingertips by incorporating the flour and adding a little water.
As and when mixing, incorporate all the flour …
Step 4: obtaining a ball. Milling the dough to homogenize it. Be careful not to work the dough too much to make it brittle. Let stand at least 40 minutes before lowering.

Sugar tuile:

150 g glucose syrup
Edible Yellow color


Step 1: On a Silpat cooking mat, spread the glucose syrup, forming ovals, using a small metal spatula, spacing them enough to prevent them from sticking together.
Step 2: place the Silpat baking mat on a baking tray
Then drop one or two drops of yellow dye directly onto the glucose syrup.
Step 4: Bake in a preheated oven at 140 ° C.
Bake the sugar tiles for 15 minutes. During cooking the bubbles will form.
It is important not to open the oven until the tiles are completely dry.
Step 5: At the end of cooking, remove the plates from the oven and allow to cool before use.

Lemon custard:

1 piece lime
370 g sugar
290 g lemon jus
5 pieces whole eggs
350 g soft butter


Zest the lime in a saucepan, using a rasp zester.
Add half of the caster sugar and the lemon juice
Whisk and bring to a boil.
at the same time pour the whole eggs into a bowl and add the remaining sugar. Blanch the mixture with a whisk.
Pour the boiling lime + lemon juice over the blanched eggs and whisk together.
Transfer to pan and cook for 5 minutes until boiling.
At the end of cooking, mix the mixture using a blender
in the end, add the soft butter.

Mango sorbet:

250g de mango
80 g sugar
70 g water
1/2 lemon jus


Boil in a saucepan the water and sugar.
When the sugar is melted, stop cooking.
Peel the Mango cut all the flesh into small pieces.
Mix This Mango flesh finely and add the already prepared and cooled syrup and the lemon juice and mix another time
Pour the mixture into the ice cream maker’s bowl for 20 minutes Gradually, the sorbet takes on texture.
when the ice is firm, turn off the ice cream maker and remove the sorbet in a container in the freezer so that it is cold and the sorbet does not melt
Keep this sorbet in the freezer before serving it with the dessert


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