You may be wondering how Wade Cook became so popular despite the obvious flaws in his advice (see the section “Recognizing fake financial gurus” for the goods on Cook). He promoted his seminars through infomercials and other advertising, including radio ads on respected news stations. The high stock market returns of the 1990s brought greed back into fashion. (Our experience has been that you see more of this greed near market tops.) The attorneys general of numerous states sued Cook’s company and sought millions of dollars in consumer refunds. The suits alleged that the company lied about its investment track record (not a big surprise — this company claimed that you’d make 300 percent per year in stocks). Cook’s company settled the blizzard of state and U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuits against his firm by agreeing to accurately disclose its trading record in future promotions and give refunds to customers who were misled by past inflated return claims. (That didn’t stop Cook, however, from getting into more legal hot water — and serving a seven-year prison term for failing to pay millions in personal income taxes.) According to a news report by Bloomberg News, Cook’s firm disclosed that it lost a whopping 89 percent of its own money trading during one year in which the stock market fared well. As Deb Bortner, director of the Washington State Securities Division and president of the North American Securities Administrators Association, observed, “Either Wade is unable to follow his own system, which he claims is simple to follow, or the system doesn’t work.” Don’t assume that someone with something to sell, who is getting good press and running lots of ads, will take care of you. That “guru” may just be good at press relations and self-promotion. Certainly, talk shows and the media at large can and do provide useful information on a variety of topics, but bad eggs sometimes turn up. These bad eggs may not always smell bad upfront. In fact, they may hoodwink people for years before finally being exposed. Review Part 5 of this book for the details on resources you can trust and those that can cause you to go bust!

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