Chocolate Cake (Gateau de Voyage)

Chocolate cake recipe:

3 pieces of eggs
100 g sugar
60 g honey
110 g cream
45 g dark chocolate
100 g flour
6 g baking powder
60 g almond flour
16 g cocoa powder
60 g butter


in a bowl, whisk the egg yolks, sugar, and honey until the mixture is white.
lightly heat the creme brulee, melt the chocolate, then add it to the egg and sugar mixture. add sifted flour, baking powder, almond flour, and cocoa.

finally, add the melted butter.
the mix must be smooth and bright.

Final Touch :

Unmold the cooled cakes on a rack, itself placed on a hollow plate. The ideal temperature of the cakes for the feuilletine glace application is around 20 ° C.
Pour the frosting over the cakes starting from one end to the other, ensuring that the icing coats the cakes perfectly, on the top and on the sides.
Use a metal spatula to even out the surface and remove excess frosting.
Tap the plate to pour the excess. After 10 minutes the frosting will be firmer and will retain a shiny appearance. In case this cake has to travel, the recipe ends here. For a dessert served on the plate, you can go further, 15 minutes later, when the frosting is firmer, take the chocolate whipped from the refrigerator. Either you keep it as it is with a ganache texture, or you can whip it with the beater with the leaf accessory to obtain a whipped cream. Here we kept the cream with a ganache texture.
Fill a pastry bag with a Saint Honoré socket, with the unmounted chocolate whipped cream.
Make the chocolate chantilly on the cakes by positioning the slot of the sleeve on the top and zigzagging from one end to the other of the cakes.
Finish the training of the chocolate whipped cream with a sharp gesture to cut the cord and form a tip.
In the case where this dessert is intended to travel, it is best not to put chocolate whipped cream on top.
You can see that the finishing of chocolate whipped cream gives a very elegant side to the dessert!
Pierce the chocolate chips in the chocolate whipped cream, arranging them a little in all directions in order to finish the dessert.
Once finished, the cake can be cut into individual parts. Be careful to slice the parts slightly at an angle …
… then place each slice in a crystal sheet so as to protect the cut part so that it does not dry in the open air.
Finally, prepare the travel cake with its chocolate whipped cream on a serving dish before tasting. I invite you to watch the video which gives all the tricks and all the tricks to perfectly succeed this dessert which remains within the reach of all.

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